• How many sessions will I need?​

        Typically 1-3 for most issues handled by Clinical Hypnosis, ie                   smoking, stress, fears, self esteem, hypnodontics, etc.

        Weight reduction is likely to be 3-6, and perhaps more                           depending on individual circumstances and desired outcome.  

        It takes 28 days to change a habit.  This is why I suggest 3                     sessions.  Of course, it is always up to you.

  • 1st Session

          1.  Review of your client intake form

          2.  Discussion of issues, goals, and desired outcome.

          3.  Pre-induction talk - What Hypnosis is and What It's Not

          4.  Hypnotizability Tests

          5.  Induction of Hypnosis and Session

          6.  Discussion of session & assignment of Hypnotic reinforcement 

  • 2nd Session -  

          1.  Discussion of Progress

          2.  Exploratory Hypnosis;

               a.  Clarify issue(s), trigger and/or source

               b.  Clear away self limiting beliefs & blocks

               c.  Process truisms and reinforce new positive beliefs

          3.  Discussion of session & assignment of Hypnotic reinforcement

  • 3rd Session - 

​          1.  Discussion of Progress

          2.  Exploratory Hypnosis;

               a.  Creating change, painting the picture

               b.  Future Progression

               c.  Ego Strengthening

           3.  Discussion of session & assignment of Hypnotic reinforcement

           4.  Self Hypnosis Instruction