Spiritual Coaching is a  process of self discovery into your happiness, and most of all your greatness.  Some people know what they want, and some do not.  Through experiential intuitive techniques you will have that "ah ha" moment, and come to a concrete knowing of what is your true calling, and heart's desire.  

     You will access your inner higher self, learn what sabotages you and why, and how to free the self limiting behaviors and thoughts that keep you stuck.

     You will learn how to manifest what you want, and apply the teachings easily because it will "feel" right and natural.

     You will know when you have embraced your GREATNESS when you have "Put the Crown Back On Your Head" yourself.

​...And you will wear it proudly and permanently.

     Spiritual Coaching is an ongoing process.  The amount of sessions is determined by you.  You may decide to have weekly sessions, every other week, or 1x a month.  Let your progress be your guide.