Prominent Past Life Regressiontionist and Noted HypnoCounselor to visit area.

Dr. Debra Taubenslag, author of the published book, "Not Crazy Just Enlightened", will be presenting at the 

__________________in ____________________ on ____________________, at __________________

as part of her discussion/workshop.  Volunteers will be taken from the audience.

Taubenslag's book is a true personal account of the author's spiritual awakening to God and to other world realities following the near death of her premature son.  The account of her child's being afflicted with Cerebral Palsy and the Miracle of reversing the severe prognosis is truly inspiring.

Most of the experiences and stories in this book are based on her hypnotherapy clients.  

Dr Bruce Goldberg, author of Past Lives-Future Lives ends his review of this book by saying, "Debra Taubenslag skillfully integrates her personal and spiritual growth into a tapestry of Metaphysical and extraordinary encouters.  Well done!"

Though the autor describes in detail, the occurrences of a number of her clients who encountered past life experiences, she also discussed other topics which include: healing energy, meetings with angels and other spiritual beings, encounters with extra-terrestrials, and finding your own divine plan.

Brad Steiger, author of "One With the Light" states, "As readers blend with her personal quest through the magic of her book, they will share her epiphany that we are all entitled to miracles if we are willing to open ourselves to awaken to other realities and explore our inner truths.  Many readers may find their own mission and purpose through the process of reading this book.  And they will certainly verify the fact that they are not crazy, but perhaps becoming a bit more enlightened."