Being "Crowned" by my friends...

     It is important that you know that I have walked in your shoes. All the modalities I use in my practice I have used on myself, family and friends.  For example, I started smoking to feel and look "cool".  I quit at the age of 27 using self hypnosis (even though at the time I thought I was just fantasizing about being a non smoker).  

    Giving birth to a premie opened my eyes to complimentary holistic healing practices.  He had wires and tubes throughout his tiny body.  Since I couldn't hold him, I massaged the outline of his form while softly singing melodic lullabies.  What surprised me was how the heart monitor responded.  It would slow down to a calm relaxing pace, time and time again.  Even his breathing became deep and less labored. The neonatology unit asked me to teach the other parents to do what I was doing.  At the time, I was just going on instinct.  Now I know, I was performing energy balancing with sound therapy.

    I know what it is like to balloon up to 50 pounds.  The sadness, shame and anxiety kept me in quicksand until I was ready to believe in the power within me.  The power that is in all of us....and it is not willpower, but rather self love.  Self hypnosis gave me that confidence to know that I could really achieve my true self back.  Of course I exercised every day, and ate healthy delicious foods.  However, it was the self hypnosis that enabled me to have the desire to change my habits, as well as give me the self control that I needed.  The thrill of letting go of that excess weight in only 4 months still amazes me. I have kept it off for almost a decade now, and I still use my favorite visualization because it feels so good.  I tell friends and clients to "Put the Crown Back on Your Head".  I am so very glad that I listened to my own advice.

     Like you, I am a caretaker to family and friends. Occasionally I feel stressed to the max, severe exhaustion, and yes sometimes guilt.  It is a blessing to know that I can I reach for any combination of the tools (hypnosis, colored light therapy, intuitive readings, energy healing, etc.) to help the loved one in need, or care for myself, the caretaker.  I am "The Little Engine That Could" because these wonderful tools are the energy in all our engines.