• Tapping In To Your Own Psychic Within for Clarity

​              Receiving answers from your higher self is easy when you utilize ancient techniques to assist you in your quest.  Participants will learn how to use the pendulum, ideo-motor response, and intuitive drawing to  access their psychic within.

  • Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression

​              Is time travel possible?  In a hypnotic state it is.  Explore who you were or who you'll become in this fascinating journey thru time and space.

  • Healing Hands, Working with the Energy Field

​              We all have the gift of spiritual healing.  All we need is the compassion and intention to do such work.  Participants will learn how to center themselves, ask for protection and guidance, and then deliver the healing energy to the person in need.  Absentee healing will also be discussed.

  • Life Patterns, Soul Lessons and Forgiveness

​              First you will explore on a conscious level the relationship(s), situation, and primary emotions that keep repeating the same pattern.  Next you will learn the origin of the "issue" from your subconscious mind, and finally access your higher-self to process and provide the answers to allow healing to begin.

  • Communication with Deceased Loved Ones

​         Learn how to induce a relaxed state in order to be receptive to a visitation from a loved one. Participants will learn which psychic sense they naturally respond to, and how to receive a message.

  • Finding Your Own Divine Plan, Your Purpose for Being Here

​        Learn how to access your soul contract in order to identify your soul purpose and mission.  You will gain great insight and understanding of who you are and what you need to do to further your soul growth.