Colored Light Therapy  uses different colors and light to change and raise the vibrations of your body to create or restore balance and harmony.

It is important to understand that all organs and cells in our body resonate to specific frequencies of vibration in good health.  When "dis-ease" occurs, it is due to a change in frequency in that organ or cell.

When the application of the right frequency is applied, balance can be restored which allows Healing to begin.  Our body knows best how to heal us.

Color is the purest vibration, and therefore the ideal choice if you seek to reestablish a balance among vibrating energies within your body.  The energies of the colored light activates   your own healing mechanism within.

During a session, some flow into a very deep state of relaxation, even to the point of falling into a profound deep sleep.  Others feel a freedom from any pain they may have been experiencing.  Some feel emotionally uplifted while others may feel they have opened to a higher frequency which enables them to spiritually expand and vibrate on a higher level.  It is different for everyone. However, you will receive the healing that is most beneficial for you in the present moment.