• Self Hypnosis for Change

​             Learn how to change negative, self-limiting subconscious beliefs to empowering beliefs that can manifest lasting change.  This workshop provides the tools, all you need to do is implement them.

  • ​Relaxation Techniques for the Anxious Patient

​             Learn quick and easy tools that work instantly to alleviate the stress and fear of your patients so both of you can have a productive and calm outcome.

  • Relaxation Techniques for You and Your Child

​             Very specific tools you can start using immediately to calm, nurture and enhance self esteem.  The techniques enables your child to feel terrific; emotionally, mentally and physically.

  • Weight Reduction & Managment

​             Intellectually we know what we're suppose to eat, what not to eat and how much.  We know we have to exercise too.  So if we know all this, why is it that we keep sabotaging ourselves everytime we start a diet?  You will Learn what your subconscious mind needs to tell you.  You will explore, awaken, and start your transformation if you choose.

  • Holistic Tools for Stress Managment

​             Learn exciting varied modalities to enhance your immune system and productivity.  When you are relaxed, you are focused and confident.  These tools will give you that extra energy and relaxation for well being.

  • Using a Holistic Approach to Encourage Sensory Stimulation and Creative Development for Teachers and Parents

​              Participants will learn non-traditional methods to be utilized in the classroom or home environment in order to enhance learning and "development" process.  A wide assortment of modalities will be discussed to stimulate; mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of the special needs students and population.  This workshop is Jam Packed with proven ideas, and lots of fun learning.