"Dr. Taubenslag showed us, through the usage of music and breathing, and her suggestive voice, how to relax in a conscious state.  As a person who is always on the run, I found the experience exhilarating and cannot wait to read her book, "Not Crazy Just Enlightened."

-Sherry B Silinger

CFO/Director Corporate Operations

Delta Corporate Services


  • ​Corporate Massage - Chairside Stress Relief for Colleagues

​             Ever wonder how you can help your work buddy with her stiff neck, tight shoulders, or tension headaches?  Learn simple techniques that can really make a difference in productivity and wellness.

  • Flowing Creativity - Releasing the Block

​             Discover the same techniques that Edison & Einstein used when they needed their ideas to flow like a river.  Participants will learn how to induce an alpha state and explore their questions thru automatic writing.

  • How to Work With Your Subconscious Mind

              Whatever you can imagine, if it's for your highest good, you can achieve it through self hypnosis.  Participants will learn how to identify what matters most, create their own script, and induce a light trance to access their subconscious mind for change.

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