Color Image Consulting is a joy for me because it is thrilling to watch the beauty of each person emerge as they transform.

     First you will learn how color can be reflective and generating.  You will learn to see the difference between warm and cool colors, as well as tone of color.

     Once the understanding of color is known, you will have a color assessment utilizing over a hundred color fabric swatches to identify which colors are a best match for your skin tone,  hair coloring and eyes.  We will know because we will see which colors age you, make circles under your eyes, or make your skin look sallow, or pale.

We will also see which colors make you look young, vibrant, healthy and beautiful.  

     Next you will learn the psychology and healing properties of color.  Remember, all color is a frequency that our eyes see.  They all have meaning and very significant properties.  Wearing certain colors will affect your physical and emotional being, as well as have a psychological affect on the person who is looking at you.

     Your image makes a statement about who you are in seconds.  We will identify what type of image you want to portray, and then create it with the right clothes, right style and right fit. It doesn't matter what size you are.  What matters is how you carry yourself, and confidence is the key.  Accessories count too.  They can make the difference from looking good to looking great!

     Make up and hair style is next.  I will teach you all the tricks of the trade.