In July 2000, my publisher sent me on a national 16 city book tour.  I always believed the best way to educate the public on hypnosis and healing was to conduct experiential, interactive lectures and/or workshops.  Since then, my life has been devoted to teaching and presenting the benefits of utilizing holistic healings.

  • Sanctuary Crystals, Alsip, IL  ("Spiritual Healing Hands, Working the Energy Field")

  • Transitions Bookstore, Chicago, IL (" Finding your Own Divine Plan")

  • Cornerstone Books, Englewood, CO ("Tapping Your Psychic Within for Clarity"

  • Barnes & Noble, Aurora, CO (- Book Signing and discussion)

  • Gateways Bookstore, Santa Cruz, CA ("Past Life/Future Life")

  • East West Books, Mountainview, CA ("Healing with Hands and Color")

  • Borders, Brea, CA ("Finding Your Own Divine Plan")

  • The Learning Light Bookstore, Anaheim, CA ("Future Life Progression")

  • Alpha Book Center, Phoenix, AZ ("Finding Your Own Divine Plan")

  • Alabama Theater Bookstop, Houston, TX ("Past Life Regression")

  • Barnes & Noble, Marietta, GA ("Spiritual Healing Hands, Working the Energy Field")

  • Hoot Owl Center, Atlanta, GA ("Finding Your Own Divine Plan")

  • Barnes & Noble, Adventura, FL ("Book Signing and Discussion"

  • Changing Times, West Palm Beach, FL ("Finding Your Own Divine Plan")

  • Borders, Miami, FL ("Finding Your Own Divine Plan")

  • Barnes & Noble, Palm Beach Gardens, FL (Spiritual Healing Hands, Working the Energy Field")