After receiving certifications as a Master Hypnotist and Massage Therapist, I opened a private practice in 1987.  In 1992 I earned a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis.  I realized early on that no two clients are alike.  Everyone is different, with different needs and therefore called for different modalities and techniques.  My clients have always been top priority, so back to school I went.  Advanced training in "Life Between Lives", "Colored Light Therapy", "Psychic/Mediumship Development", "Integrated Energy Therapy", "Vibrational Healing", "Dowsing - Energy Managment", "Color Image Consulting", "Caring for the Caregiver", and a host of other varied studies were learned in order to meet those specific needs of my clients.

     I have been an active member in the National Guild of Hypnotists for 22 years, with membership in the International Association of Research and Regression Therapy, Association of Past Life Research and Therapies, American Institute of Hypnotherapy, and American Board of Hypnotherapy.  I am also a member of the World Association of Image Consultants.

     I have served on the faculty of higher educational institutions as a teacher of Hypnosis and Massage therapy.  I am a published author on the subject, "Not Crazy Just Enlightened", and conduct unique presentations and workshops to educate the public and corporations about hypnosis internationally and nationwide.

     In addition, I hold additional teaching degrees in Speech, Theatre, and Special Education.  I am also an Ordained Spiritual Minister.

     I am a teacher, healer and metaphysician; a mender of souls.  I help my clients to discover and remove limiting blocks that prevent them from moving forward.  Once balance is restored, their magnificent light within lights the way for them to follow their DIVINE PLAN.​